The Chii? Shona Learning App is a beautifully illustrated word learning and reading app designed for children anywhere in the world. It caters for children from their foundational stages onwards. Also adult beginners wishing to learn the Shona language can benefit from using the App. The Chii?App will enhance naming, identifying everyday action words, mastering general speech and learning to create and speak short phrases and sentences. It is presented using simple English and corresponding Shona words with the use of intriguing illustrative images. In no time children will be able to communicate and formulate sentences. It is very exciting and great fun for children!

  • Teach children to name and identify things, actions and general speech
  • Enhance and improve speech and fluency
  • Boost confidence in children
  • Encourage interaction as well as independent learning
  • Help children with difficulties like autism, adhd, speech delay and also non-verbal in reading and learning the Shona language in a positive and stimulating way
  • Create and heighten interest in the Shona language
  • WORDS: A wide range of words and popular phrases
  • IMAGES: Descriptive corresponding images
  • SOUND: Touch to speech feature & verbal sentence construction
  • GAMES: Interactive gaming to learn feature

In the Chii?App  children will start learning by listening, identifying through images and saying out names of people, family and relations, animals, nature and things they use every day. They will also be challenged to learn and identify things they do or see being done through the image feature. As they progress through further stages they will be challenged to learn general speech and to learn to construct short words and phrases using material learnt in the app.

The Chii?App is highly interactive. Children can learn by simply tapping on the images which will clearly and concisely pronounce the word for them to repeat. Also parents and children can interact and engage as they learn the language. The Chii?App also features a gaming feature that will entertain whilst educating the user.


The Chii?App is the first of its kind designed specifically with children in mind. The beauty of the Chii?App is that it eliminates the intricate technical facets of Shona, including dialects and complex word and sentence formation aspects, whilst remaining both stimulating and informative. This means that users who cannot even read or write the language can still benefit from using it. Take a look at some of these cool features that makes the Chii? app so unique.

Shona (ChiShona) is one of the major languages spoken in Zimbabwe, a country in the Sub-Saharan Africa. It encompasses a number of dialects including Kalanga, Manyika and Zezuru to name a few. The language is rich and plays a very important role in the culture amongst the shona people in Zimbabwe. It is also a very social language which inspires healthy relationships.


The Chii Shona Game is a shona quiz game that has been designed for children and educational purposes. A single question is displayed each with text, image and four answers to choose from.


The Chii? (shona language learning) app is now available to download for iPhone and Android devices.